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PizzaGO! is now available on mobile!


Search for pizzerias close by, or choose from a list of your favourite places.


Order from available menus, get suggestions from friends, or choose based on past orders and your top favs!


Time to chow down and enjoy some za! Get it through pick up or delivery.


Discover great places to eat

Search for nearby places to eat using the PizzaGO App. Just enter your address or use your phone’s GPS to get a full listing of pizzerias nearby.

Exclusive deals

Get the latest deals, promo’s and coupons from your favourite pizzerias right on your phone, tablet, and desktop.

Order using any device

Whether you are on the go, at home, or work, PizzaGO is available 24/7 on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Save your favourites

You know what you like, and PizzaGO makes it easy to repeat past orders. Browse your history or choose from your top favourites.

Create your own profile

Save contact & payment information for quick checkouts. Minimize the time spent ordering food and get it faster.

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